The Jerboas’ Return: AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Mascots Bring Joy to Fans

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023

As the countdown to the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 continues, football enthusiasts were treated to a delightful surprise at the inauguration ceremony. The official mascots, a lovable family of animated desert jerboas, took center stage at Doha’s Barahat Msheireb, introducing fans to Saboog, Freha, Tmbki, Zkriti, and Traeneh. This dynamic ensemble, designed by Qatari artist Ahmed Al Maadheed, pays homage to the nation’s traditional households, fostering a connection with families and youth alike.

Saboog, the blue son and veteran of the 2011 tournament, leads the vibrant cast, accompanied by his siblings and parents, each named after iconic Qatari regions. Al Maadheed’s artistic vision, aimed at inspiring Asian Cup participation, is complemented by an infectious theme song, adding a musical touch to the tournament buildup.

With 24 teams set to compete in nine stadiums across Qatar, the jerboas bring a unique charm to the event, promising a month of football festivities and cultural celebration. Join the excitement as the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 unfolds, embracing the spirit of unity and sportsmanship in the heart of the Gulf State.