Souq Waqif 8th Local Dates Festival: Celebrating Qatar’s Rich Date Heritage

Souq Waqif Local Dates Festival: Celebrating Qatar's Rich Date Heritage

The eighth edition of the highly anticipated Souq Waqif 8th Local Dates Festival has taken Qatar by storm, as it showcases the nation’s love for its date heritage. With an overwhelming participation of over 103 local farms, this year’s event boasts an impressive selection of 14 date varieties. The festival, spanning 10 delightful days until August 5, has surpassed all expectations, witnessing a significant increase in local farm engagement compared to the previous year. Enthusiasts and visitors alike are treated to a tantalizing array of flavors and textures, making this festival a true celebration of Qatar’s cultural richness and agricultural prowess.

Event Details:

Location: Ahmad Square, Standing Market

Date: 27 July 2023 – 5 August 2023

Time: 03:30 pm – 09:30 pm